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Focused Communications, LLC was started in Houston, Texas in 2019. However, the idea for the company actually started much earlier, in Istanbul, Turkey. In 2015 I was a Business English instructor in Istanbul.

I had moved to Istanbul in 2007 to take a year off from my regular career to teach English. Like a lot of people, I was caught by the Great Recession of 2008 as the economy in the United States crashed. So, my plan to teach English for one year turned into seven years. However, I found that I loved teaching English to other people, especially Business English.

In 2015 I started working on what would become Focused English. I had just met my wife, and soon after we moved to Dubai. I continued to work on Focused English and fell in love with Dubai and the same time. After moving back to the US, I finally launched the business in 2019.

I hope that you enjoy the courses, and if you do, please tell your friends about us. And as always, remember that WE aren’t successful until YOU are successful!

G Scott Barlow
Founder and Managing Director